Want To Make Use Of An Extra Room? Paint It And Turn It Into A Vacation Rental

If you own a home with more bedrooms than you need, you might be wondering what you can do with the extra space. Making a guest room, storage room, craft room, game room, or library are a few options, but you may be interested in something that will provide you with financial benefits. Renting the room may not be ideal as you will basically have a roommate, but a vacation rental is a different story. When you are set on a vacation rental, you should start making it look good for guests, in which painting is a necessity.

Start with the Painting

The first thing that you should do is paint the room. It does not necessarily have to match with the rest of the house, but it can help with advertising because you will want to show pictures of the whole house. By getting the painting out of the way, you can get a better idea of what else you want to do to get it ready.

Choose a Good Color

The paint color you choose can have a rather large impact on your success with the vacation rental. You do not want to push anyone away with colors such as purple, black, orange, which can rub people the wrong way or just not attract that many people in general. The most reliable choice is blue because it brings about a feeling of calmness, which is exactly what people like to feel when on vacation. But, you should not hesitate to pick yellow, red, brown, or green, especially if it meshes with your home's style.

Pick the Right Finish

Flat finish is great for interior rooms, but it is not the best option for a vacation rental. It is too susceptible to lasting wear and tear because you cannot easily clean the surface. A high-gloss finish will give you the most potential for keeping the room clean and not having to repaint for a long time, but you may have to style the room a bit differently to accommodate for the shininess on the walls.

The great thing about high-gloss paint is that it really brings out the light in a room. Exceptional lighting will almost always make it easier to take professional-quality photos of your vacation rental.

A vacation rental provides you with an opportunity to earn income with your property and meet people who are visiting from all around the world, and it all begins with a paint job. To learn more, contact a painting contractor company like Meyer & Meyer

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