2 Ways To Make Your Interior Paint Job Better

Painting the walls inside your home is fairly simple if you have drywall. With some basic supplies, along with brushes and rollers, you can easily give your interior a professional looking paint job. There are few tricks and tips that will make you paint job look even better. This article explains how to make your interior paint job easier and more professional.

Masking Off Like A Pro

Masking off is one of the most important aspects of any paint job. If you take your time masking off, and use the right supplies, you will speed up the actual panting. You will definitely want to use painter's plastic to cover the floor. You should also use a masking gun with your painter's tape to mask off the edges. This simple device will attach the taped to a thin roll of masking paper as you roll it out. Usually, a paper roll that is just 12" wide will do the trick. If you tape it to the top edge of your baseboard molding, the overhang will protect the edges of your floors. As you walk around on your floors, the plastic can shift and expose the edges nearest the wall. Using a masking gun and paper is definitely the best way to cover thee edges of your floor and ensure that the top of your baseboard molding is covered.

Painting Perfect Lines

You can also make your job much more professional if you paint the corners with more precision. That is, you want to make sure all of your edges and lines are straight and clean. The trick to making the best lines is to reinforce your tape with lightweight spackling paste. Basically, you tape the edge off first, then rub the paste over the edge you are going to paint. The trick is to only rub in a tiny amount of paste that will fill in any space underneath the tape. You don't want to spread so much spackle that it visibly alters the texture of the wall. This way, when you paint over the tape, no paint will seep underneath it. When you peel away the tape, your line will be much cleaner.

Using these two simple tricks, you can speed up your paint job and also make it look much better. If you take your time when masking off, you will save a lot of time when it comes to actually painting your walls and the clean up afterwards. For assistance, talk to a professional like LaPlace And Eagan LLC.

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