How To Clean A Tin Roof On A Historical Home Before You Apply A Protective Coating

Tin roofs need to be painted to apply a protective coating to keep them from corroding even though tin doesn't rust. The problem is that most residential "tin" roofs on old homes made during the 19th century were actually made with tin-plated iron and it is the iron that will rust and corrode. If you have recently bought an old home with a tin-plated iron roof, you are going to learn how to maintain it to make sure it doesn't rust The best way to maintain it is to apply a protective coating, but before you apply the coating, you have to make sure the roof is clean so the coating adheres to it. Here is an overview of what you are going to have to do to apply a protective coating over your tin-plated iron roof.

Remove the Rust

If there is any rust showing on the roof, you are going to have to remove it before you before you apply a protective coating of paint on the roof. The best way to do this is with a wire brush. A wire brush will break up the rust and turn it into a dust-like material that can be washed away.

Clean Out Seams

Tin roofs were installed by connecting tin-plated iron sheets together until the roof is completely covered. A seam is made when the two sheets are placed side by side and dirt, debris, and moisture can collect in the seam. You'll notice when this happens because you'll see moss and plants growing in the seams. The material also has to be removed before you apply a protective coating.

Take a putty knife and run it up and down the seam to break apart and loosen the debris. Now, take the wire brush and go over the seam to force the debris out of it once it has been broken up.

Remove Rusted Screws

You should inspect the screws holding the sheets to the roof. The screws can also rust and negatively affect the protective coating. Remove the screws and replace them with galvanized ones. Galvanized metal is made with a protective zinc coating over them to make the screws rust-resistant and longer-lasting than normal screws.

Wash Roof

Use a desk brush to clean the roof with a mild detergent mixed with water. You want to remove anything that remains from cleaning the seams and rust as well as any sap and oils that might be on the roof. Once the roof completely dries, you are ready to start applying the protective coating.

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