How to Paint an Aluminum Fence

 If you want to update your aluminum fence, you don't have to replace the fence. A coat of paint can greatly improve the looks of the fence, and make it last longer.

Aluminum will not rust because isn't made from iron, but it can fade or oxidize. You should be able to paint the fence yourself with the right paint supplies. Here are tips to paint an aluminum fence.

.Prepare to Work

For this project, you need the following:

  • work gloves
  • drop cloths or plastic
  • wire brush
  • weed trimmer
  • pressure washer (optional)
  • lead test kit
  • paint pan
  • paint and oil-based primer
  • paint thinner
  • paint roller and paint brush

Fences painted before 1978 were likely painted with lead paint. Test for lead with a lead test kit from a hardware store.

A lead test kit includes a stick to rub against the aluminum. The stick will change colors, if it detects lead. If the test turns different colors, do not paint or pressure wash it yourself. Contact a professional painter.

Lay drop cloths or plastic around areas you don't want touched by paint, such as plants or flowers. Trim the weeds around the fence.

You may prefer to hose the fence down with a pressure washer to remove debris. Before you pressure wash, spray on a chemical degreaser to increase cleaning power.

Clean and Prime

Use the wire brush to gently brush away debris or chipped paint. Rinse and let the fence dry for several hours. Mix a gallon of oil-based primer designed for metal with one liter of paint thinner.

Use the roller or brush to apply the primer. Apply the primer in even strokes to prevent pooling.

Brush on the primer with a paint brush in areas the roller can't reach. Allow the primer to dry, which commonly takes thirty hours.


You don't have to buy silver paint. Opt for a green or black paint to blend in with the landscape. If the fence is on shared property, consult your neighbor about the color change.

Pour some paint in the paint pan. Begin painting at the top of the fence, and work your way down. Ensure the roller is evenly covered in paint.

Paint slowly to cover all the gaps.. Remove extra paint with the front of the paint pan. Let the paint dry overnight, then repaint any areas you missed. Remove the plastic or drop cloth.

A new paint job will make your fence stand out. If you don't trust your skill, or the fence is seriously damaged, contact a professional.

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