How To Get The Outside Of Your House Ready For Some New Paint

If you are planning on hiring a team to repaint the exterior of your business, you can save yourself a little money by fixing up and preparing the outside of your business yourself before the professionals arrive. You don't want to just paint over the old coat of paint; you want to clean and prepare the surface.

Pressure Wash the Walls

The first thing that you need to do is pressure wash the outside of your business. This will help remove all the dirt and grime that has built-up on the outside of your business. You may not be able to see it, but the outside of your business is really dirty.

The best way to clean the outside of your business is to use a pressure washer. Take a pressure washer and start at the top of your outside wall. Move the pressure washer in a smooth movement from the left to the right. When you start to go back in the other direction with your pressure washer, make sure that you overlap your previous stroke. This will help ensure all dirt is removed from your building

Water should be all you need to clean the outside of your building. If necessary, you can use some biodegradable soap to clean any really dirty part of the wall.

Fill in Cracks & Holes

Second, take the time to fill in cracks and holes that you find on the outside of your building. For example, if you find a crack in your concrete foundation, use concrete epoxy to fill in the crack. If you find a crack in the wood, use wood epoxy to fill in the crack. Use the appropriate type of epoxy to fill in the cracks and holes. Just like inside of your home, you don't want to paint over cracks before filling them in.

Get Rid of Loose Paint

Third, you need to get rid of loose paint. Walk around your area, and if you find any loose paint, use some sand paper to get rid of the loose paint. If you paint over loose paint, the paint is still going to be loose. That is why you need to sand away the loose paint before you repaint your business.

Before you have a professional team paint the exterior of your business, pressure wash away the dirt, fill in any cracks and holes with the appropriate epoxy, and sand away any loose paint that you find. Doing these three tasks will help make your business ready for a new paint job when the commercial painting contractor arrives.  

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