Invest in Painting Service to Rent Out Your Basement Apartment with Confidence

Renting out a basement apartment is an excellent way to generate income while owning a single property. It will help you reduce your mortgage payment because you can put the rent that you generate towards this monthly payment. But, you may not be ready to rent out your basement as an apartment, because you want to take on several projects that will improve the space.

If you know that your property and the basement will benefit from painting, you should hire a residential painting company that can help with handling these tasks.


An important detail to consider is whether you want to paint the exterior part of your home to make a better impression in the photos that you take for the rental listing. While most of what your tenants will see is on the inside of the apartment, you should not underestimate the impact that an attractive exterior can have on getting potential renters to make a call and request a tour.


When it comes to inside the basement, you should paint the walls because it will have the greatest impact on making each room look better. Going with a neutral color is often the smartest choice because it gives all your tenants the ability to style the apartment as they please.

Instead of going with a standard white that you see in many apartments, condos, and homes, you can go with a different neutral color such as gray, off-white, or beige. Going with a darker color is great because it will help the dirt and grime to blend in compared to white walls.


If you want to make your walls stand out, especially with the new paint job, you should paint all the trim inside the basement apartment before taking photos. The crown molding, window trim, door trim, and baseboards are all features that you can paint and enjoy excellent results.


In a rental, you may be worried about the chance that a tenant could make the walls dirty enough that they need to be repainted before renting the apartment out to another tenant. Going with more durable paint finishes such as semi-gloss over flat is worth considering. Semi-gloss is a lot easier to clean than flat, which means you can take dirty walls and make them clean again.

Hiring a paint company is an excellent idea when you are interested in renting out your basement and want to make it look good for the rental listings and potential tenants.

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