4 Ways To Get Creative With Interior Painting For Your Rental Home

Some rental property owners who are interested in painting may go through the entire interior with a neutral color such as white or light gray to appeal to most renters. However, you may like to run your rental property a little differently, especially when you are the landlord. If you hire a painting company, you should feel confident about getting creative with interior painting.   


If you have a fireplace in your rental home, you may notice that a lot of tenants mention it when you give them a tour. It may be a feature that most people only expect to get in their home when they become a homeowner, which means you will have an advantage over other rentals. With most fireplaces, you can expect to paint the mantel, trim, header, and the stonework.

This means that you will be able to choose from all sorts of colors to create a unique look that satisfies your needs and turns the fireplace into a statement piece for the living room.


In many homes, you will notice that the homeowners do not touch the ceiling, even when they are going through the process of painting the walls. However, you should take advantage of this feature to spice up the look of your home, especially in the kitchen and bedrooms. If you do not want to pick a bold color for any of the walls, you may feel confident doing it with the ceiling.


Although you may like the idea of painting your own interior walls in a bold color, you may want to meet in the middle with your rental property. For instance, you can pick a paint color that is more exciting than plain white but less exciting and noticeable than a deep red or blue. This will give you plenty of colors to choose from including white, gray, and even light shades of yellow.


A great opportunity to get creative is with the kitchen because you do not need to invest in glass, tile, or another material for a backsplash. Instead, you can use paint with a unique design and color combination to create a durable backsplash that looks incredible and is easy to undertake.

To have fun and get creative with painting your rental property to make it look more attractive while still appealing to many renters, you should start working with painters right away. To learn more, contact painting companies like Weger Painting.

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