Commercial Colors You Want To Use For Your Building's Exterior

You want to give your building's exterior a proper finish so your company comes off as professional and clean. The best way to ensure your building is great in the eyes of your customers is this: using the right exterior commercial colors to give your building a whole new look.

Do your part to ensure your building is in its best condition for capturing customer attention by painting your business positive colors. With the right color installation, you can do your part to make your building stand out in great ways. Here are colors to think about when it comes to making your building's exterior great.

Slate and charcoal gray

Darker gray colors help to make your building stand out by making the property stark in its appearance. You can use these darker gray tones to make your building more professional in appearance, especially if nearby buildings are painted white, light tan, or other lighter gray tones.

Navy blue

Navy blue can be a great tone for your building. You can use this color as an accent color, but you can also use this as the main color for your entire building's design. When you use navy for your business's exterior, you create a colorful yet still professional allure that will help your business stand out in positive ways. Speak to your painter about the many ways you can make your business more enticing with a navy blue or similarly blue color.


If you don't want to dedicate your property to any particular color, don't opt for a stark white. Instead, opt for a lighter cream color or a yellow-white so you can do your part to make your property more inviting and light in its appearance without making your structure appear imposing at the same time.


Classic brown is darker than tan and can make a great color for the outside of a building. Whether you want a hue that is not imposing or you are ready to make an investment in a color that will last the length of time you keep your current color scheme around, you can use brown to make your business stand out in positive ways.

There are many ways you can use classic colors to give your property the allure you desire. Whether you want to make your business stand out from competitors or you are ready to make a change in a new direction, these commercial painting colors are worth speaking to your painter about.

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