Signs That You Need To Repaint Your Exterior Siding

The paint on your wood siding isn't just for looks, it also provides a protective barrier for your home. A quality coat of paint prevents moisture from seeping into the wood siding. This is important because wet wood becomes prone to rot and decay, which will eventually lead to moisture leaks and mold in your interior walls. The following are signs that your wood siding needs a fresh coat of paint.

Peeling and Bubbling

Paint that has begun to peel or bubble indicates that moisture is already starting to get into the wood. Sometimes this damage starts off as small cracks. Moisture seeps beneath these cracks and breaks the adhesion of the paint to the wood, thus leading to the bubbling and peeling. Once the paint loses adhesion, it must be scraped or pressure washed off the siding. Then fresh coats of protective primer and paint are applied once the wood dries out. In some cases, parts of the siding may need to be repaired or replaced if water damage has already begun to occur.

Wood Damage

Sometimes the paint is mostly in good condition but something has happened to damage the wood siding. The damage could be the result of storm damage or pests like woodpeckers may have put some holes in the siding. First, the damage must be patched. Next, a fresh coat or two of paint will need to be applied to ensure the repaired area is protected from moisture intrusion.

Extreme Fading

Even high-quality exterior paint isn't immune to fading. A combination of sun exposure, wind, and general weathering slowly breaks down the structure of the paint. The first indication that this is happening is color fade. Faded paint isn't just unattractive, it can also mean that the paint is starting to develop higher porosity, which means moisture can begin to seep through. If your paint looks faded, schedule a prompt painting appointment so you can have fresh coats applied before moisture seeps into the siding.

Stubborn Stains

Stains can be common on painted wood siding. Often, the stains come from organic causes, such as algae growth, bird droppings, or even collected pollen. Stains can typically be removed easily by washing the siding if your paint job is still in good condition. If the stains are stubborn and a scrub doesn't remove them entirely, then you should take it as a sign that the paint is breaking down and increasing in porosity, which means it will allow moisture through and into the wood beneath. A new paint job should solve the problem.

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