Consider Color Drenching For These Rooms

If you want to dramatically change the look of a room in your home by painting it, you have several options to explore. One idea that is increasingly popular is called color drenching. Many painting contractors have experience with this trend, so you won't have trouble finding a local professional who can take on this project for you. Color drenching means that the majority of the surfaces in the room, including the walls, trim, and ceiling, are painted in the same color. This look can be very bold, making it a good fit for certain areas. Here are three rooms in which to consider color drenching.

Child's Bedroom

Color drenching can work well for some bedrooms. While you may or may not want this look in your home's primary bedroom, it can be an option to explore for a child's room. Children often like the idea of having their bedrooms feature bold paint colors, and it's probable that most kids will jump at the idea of color drenching. You can even give your child the opportunity to choose what paint color they want, and they'll be eager to tell their friends that they have the most stylish bedroom of any child they know.


A bathroom can also be a good candidate for color drenching. Some people may like using this technique in a large bathroom, while others may feel that a small powder room is a better candidate. Color drenching in a bathroom can create a serene environment in which to relax. For example, if you have your painting contractor paint the walls, trim, and ceiling in a sky-blue shade, it may feel as though you're in the ocean while you're relaxing in the bathtub. White bathroom fixtures in a room with sky blue color drenching can offer a stylish look.

Home Theater

You may also want to consider color-drenching your home theater room. People often choose darker wall colors in this space, and you can easily take things a step further by having the ceiling and trim appear in the same color. For a simple look, consider a charcoal hue. If you want something more vibrant, think about a dark yellow or burgundy. These hues can give a rich, stylish look to this part of your home, which is likely a vibe that you're trying to create. Reach out to a local painting service such as Painting Hue LLC for your interior painting needs.

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